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MP determined to solve traffic problems

MP determined to solve traffic problems

Published: Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 19:00


Matthew Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, has said that he has listened to Brandon resident's views on the current relief road proposals and is determined to fight for the best possible scheme to solve Brandon's traffic problems.

Mr Hancock told "In Brandon the number one issue on the doorstep is traffic: a problem which has held the town back for too long. My job as local MP is to stick up for Brandon and be the voice of Brandon residents, so I'm determined to get a solution. 

"In January Elizabeth Truss MP and I held a public meeting to discuss proposals for a bypass to the west of the town. This proposal is part of a wider development plan which includes infrastructure and housing. It was a great opportunity to hear what local people thought and a packed Leisure Centre was evidence of a very high level interest in the proposals. 

"The overwhelming feeling from the meeting was agreement on the need for a bypass, coupled with concern about specific details of the current proposal. At the meeting two other options for dealing with the traffic problems were put forward and it's vital that these are seriously explored.

"As MP for West Suffolk my job is to represent the views of my constituents, so I am now working with Forest Heath and Suffolk County Council to make sure they take on board the views of Brandon. 

"The view from the meeting was clear: Brandon residents want a bypass, but they're thinking about the long term and would rather wait for the right scheme than plump for the first one that comes along. It's great news that the dualled A11 is opening this year - on time and on budget. Pausing now for serious reflection will also let us see what impact this work has on traffic flows into Brandon.  

"I know that if we can tackle this issue and deliver the right infrastructure Brandon has a great future as a thriving market town. But Brandon residents deserve the best possible scheme, which is exactly what I will be fighting for."


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