Father Luke celebrates 10th anniversary with Papal blessing

Fr Luke Goymour

Fr Luke Goymour, parish priest of Brandon and Mildenhall, is about to celebrate 10 years as a priest of the Diocese of East Anglia.

It was on July 10 2010 that Fr Luke was ordained at St John the Baptist Cathedral in Norwich by the late Bishop Michael Evans. The ordination took place two months before the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK and was one of the last key moments of Bishop Michael’s tenure.

Fr Luke Goymour is also chaplain to the Ignite team.

On the occasion of his anniversary, Fr Luke has received a Papal Parchment blessing from His Holiness Pope Francis direct from the Elemosineria Apostolica office (Office of Papal Charities) from the Vatican.

“It’s been a challenging but fulfilling 10 years in priestly ministry,” said Fr Luke. “I’m still one of the younger priests in the diocese but completing 10 years in the service of the Lord feels like both a significant milestone and a gift.

Papal blessing

“I am still learning what priesthood means and how do to be a priest of Jesus Christ. I love being a priest, but it is definitely not what I imagined.

“Priesthood is a strange and beautiful adventure and I think every Catholic man should seriously reflect on whether the Lord is calling them to this wonderful vocation of service.

“When I was ordained it was the first ordination for years in the diocese. I am delighted that in these last ten years since my ordination priestly ordinations have become a far more frequent occurrence in East Anglia.”

Fr Luke has been live streaming Mass every day during the pandemic and happily sees over 30 people online each day and on a Sunday – more than 60 people if you count people from New Zealand who tune in to join the Mass.

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