Legion club at risk of permanent closure

The Royal British Legion in Brandon faces closure – Photo: Terry Hawkins

The Royal British Legion Club in Brandon is at risk of closure after the pandemic took its toll on several members of its committee.

Chairman Neil Tattersall said, in a letter sent out to its members, that although the support shown by the community has been amazing, the majority of the club’s committee had now stepped down due to ill health or work commitments.

Neil continued: “These resignations and retirements now mean the club is not able to function in its
current capacity and therefore I have no options but to call an Annual General
Meeting on the 5th July 2021.

“The club now needs your support, so if you are an enthusiastic, dedicated and committed member, willing to volunteer some of your precious time, and able to embrace, improve and develop the work that has begun and ensure that the club has a future, please step forward.

“If no support is forthcoming it is with a deepest regret to inform you all that I will have no other option but to cease trading as a club and close the doors for good. I have spoken with the Royal British Legion and have informed them of this critical situation that we as a club find ourselves in and they will support the shutting down process.

“This is devastating and hopefully you now all know the seriousness of the situation that we find ourselves in as a club. I hope that members will support the club and ensuring a future for you, your families and the community within Brandon.”

All events and bookings at the club up until the 5th July will continue as planned.

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