Brandon councillor appointed as deputy leader

Cllr Victor Lukaniuk at The Wedge in Brandon

Victor Lukaniuk, who is district councillor for Brandon West, has been appointed as deputy leader of West Suffolk Council.

West Suffolk Council held its Annual meeting today, Tuesday 23rd May, at which it elected a new Leader and Chair.

The Leader for West Suffolk Council is Cllr Cliff Waterman who has appointed Cllr Victor Lukaniuk as his Deputy Leader along with the following Cabinet members:

  • Planning: Cllr Jim Thorndyke
  • Housing: Cllr Richard O’Driscoll
  • Resources: Cllr Diane Hind
  • Families and Communities: Cllr Donna Higgins
  • Leisure: Cllr Ian Shipp
  • Growth: Cllr Indy Wijenayaka
  • Operations: Cllr David Taylor
  • Governance and Regulatory: Cllr Gerald Kelly

A newly formed partnership between the West Suffolk Progressive Alliance Grouping and the Independents have agreed to work together, under the title of West Suffolk Working Partnership (WSWP), to form the new administration.

Cllr Waterman, Labour Group Leader, is also the Leader of the West Suffolk Progressive Alliance Grouping consisting of Labour, Liberal-Democrat and Green members. Cllr Victor Lukaniuk has been elected Leader of the newly formed Independents.

Cllr Waterman, Leader of West Suffolk Council, said: “I am delighted to have been elected to lead this council and deliver the priorities of all councillors who have come together as the West Suffolk Working Partnership. We recognise all communities and businesses across West Suffolk are currently facing enormous challenges and we are focused on working together to tackle these. We also have enormous assets in the shape of our people, businesses and heritage, and we will be working with partner organisations to make the most of them. In the coming days I will be outlining our priorities and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the WSWP and everyone in West Suffolk to help make West Suffolk the very best place in which to live, work or visit.”

Cllr Lukaniuk, Deputy Leader, said: “Our priority is the residents we serve and I believe we can work together in the West Suffolk Working Partnership, to make a real difference to the lives and prosperity of all our communities across West Suffolk. I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and moving forward. We will continue to make sure we achieve the best outcomes for our residents while working collaboratively, with fellow councillors in the WSWP to deliver.”

Cllr Roger Dicker, who was appointed Chair of West Suffolk Council, said: “It is a real honour to be elected by council to be chair of this authority. I look forward to representing West Suffolk Council, as I previously did for Forest Heath District Council, and getting out into our communities to see the great work that goes on every day by organisations and individuals across West Suffolk that make such a difference.”

Cllr Pat Hanlon was appointed Vice Chair.

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